Phase 1: Preparation

  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis
  • Define the project's technical specifications and architecture
  • Develop the core blockchain technology and protocols

Phase 2: Experiment

  • Launch the testnet and invite community members to participate
  • Collect feedback and bug reports from community members
  • Improve and optimize the network based on feedback

Phase 3: Mainnet

  • Launch the mainnet and announce it to the public
  • Build partnerships with other blockchain projects and organizations
  • Attract developers and users to build on and use the Oreto network

Phase 4: Further Development

  • Develop new features and upgrades to improve the network
  • Expand the Oreto ecosystem with new applications and dapps
  • Increase adoption and usage of the Oreto network through marketing and outreach efforts

Phase 5: Long Shot

  • Focus on long-term sustainability and growth of the project
  • Foster a strong community and governance model to ensure decentralized decision-making
  • Continue to innovate and improve the Oreto network to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.
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